FRCC Clubs & Organizations

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Afro-American Student Association

We have a primary focus of promoting diversity on campus and the surrounding community.

Kathleen Strong


Alpha Omega

We welcome all who want to know more about Christian spirituality! We provide opportunities to discuss spiritual matters and the Bible.


See Macie Murphy for more information

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American Sign Language Club

Increase your cultural understanding of the Deaf Community by expressing communication through your hands


See Macie Murphy for more information


Adventure Club: FRCC Mountain Riders

Calling all adventure seekers, explorers and outdoor enthusiast. If you like to be outside and do cool things, this club it for you!

Leah Dory

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Auto Club 

The Larimer Campus Auto Club is a group of students that meets to further their knowledge in the automotive field. 

Joseph South


Computer Science Club

An organization designed to help members explore the fields of computer sciences. 

Tina Trainor

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Design Club 

Are you pursuing a career in Interior Design or are you just a designer at heart? The Design Club exposes students to design through hands-on learning. 

Nowell Vincent


Dungeons and Dragons Club

A new group looking for members to play DnD on campus in between classes!

Benjamin Jacobson


Genders & Sexualities Alliance Club

Centers around supporting Queer and Trans folks, women, and all others who are marginalized in relation to gender and/or sexuality.

Doug Grattan


Integrative Health Professions Club

To educate ourselves and others on the emergence of holistic health and wellness knowledge, practices and career/community opportunities as well as to facilitate personal and professional growth.

Joanna Yaromy


Math Club

Where math inclined individuals can walk away feeling more confident in their math skills.

Sara Slagle


Mental Health Awareness Club

For all with problems concerning mental health, a new student organization providing awareness, support, and community.

Emily Perry


Phi Theta Kappa

This international honor society for two-year colleges requires a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. It promotes scholarship, fellowship, leadership, service, and involvement.

Amy Holly


Philosophy Club

This club peruses truth through thoughtful and logical conversations centering around topics in philosophy. 

Alyson Huff

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The Reporter

The Reporter is the online e-newspaper publication (that your on now!). Delivering relevant news, and creating a platform for writers and readers to get to know their community. We strive to create a platform where students are included, informed, and able to share their work. 

The Reporter 

Leah Dory


Sobriety and Habits Club

A sobriety serving, community where people can talk about their values in sobriety without obligatory rituals, religion, or other habitual practices. A creative positive life choice thought bubble.

See Macie Murphy for more information



Society of American Foresters

This social and service-oriented club promotes the conservation and continued availability of the forest. 

Heather Dannahower


Student Government Association 

We represent and act as the official student voice for FRCC students. We strive to define, defend, and advocate for all student rights, responsibilities, and freedoms as well as promote the general welfare of the students. 

Mary. Branton-Housley


Student Nursing Association

This club helps students achieve their academic and professional goals in the health care industry, promotes school and community involvement, and provides networking opportunities and fellowship.

Jane Beard

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Student Veterans Group

This club offers support to active duty, separated veterans, and dependents for the transition from military to student life. Resources assist students in their pursuit of educational and professional goals. 

Matt Arnold


Student Veterinary Technician Association

Animal lovers coming together to discuss veterinary science and learn as much as possible.

Stacy Mugge

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Welding Club

Expand your welding knowledge and take a more active role in your career. Active participation in a Welding Club provides the knowledge, experience and networking needed to begin a successful career.

Micheal Seltsam


Latinx Club

Elevate, celebrate,advocate and educate, regarding all matters surrounding Latinx cultures at FRCC.


See Macie Murphy for more information