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Why are we a Smoke-Free Campus?

By: Anna Dory

 Former Governor John Hickenlooper 's Executive Order B 2018 011 is the reason for our smoke-free campus.

The Executive order claims "In order to be the healthiest state in the Nation Colorado needs to pass common-sense measures that will protect public health from the harmful effects of tobacco products, vaping products, and e-cigarettes" (Executive order No. B 2018 011, 3, 2018) 

These changes apply to many public areas, not just Front Range Community College campuses. 

It seems the goal of this executive order is to invest in a gradual change concerning how our state views smoking.   

To read the executive order click here (Exec. Order No. B2018). It's only 4 pages so don't shy away.

What is an executive order? The whole concept seems a little scary right? It's a declaration made by the governor, or president, that will likely be enforced by law as long as it follows a set of expectations monitored by the judicial branch and general assembly. The expectations are as follows...

1) The type of executive order involved 

2) A decision whether the order violates the separation of powers doctrine by interfering with the legislative power vested in the General Assembly

3) An evaluation of whether the order falls within any power expressly granted to the Governor by the state constitution or by statute

4) A determination whether the General Assembly has already legislated in the area which is the subject matter of the executive order.

Governors throughout the states' possess an ability to pass an executive order. In Colorado, our governor has the constitutional ability to pass an executive order under all executive provisional circumstances. For details concerning what situations would allow for an executive order click here (National Governors Association, 2019).

For further information regarding the approval process and general regulations applied to the creation and approval of an Executive order click here (Office of legislative legal services(2018). Memorandum.Denver: Offical of legislative legal service). Once again, this is only 6 pages and surprisingly easy to read. Don't shy away.


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