Nothing About Us, Without Us

By: Anna Dory

Our Student advisory council is proposing a new student fee. Read below to learn more, then go to your D2L under announcements click on "vote today".

Here is what the ballot says...


Shall there be a Colorado Community College System (CCCS or System) -wide State Student Advisory Council (SSAC) student fee, for the purpose of elevating the overall CCCS student voice and to create a more equitable experience across the Council. The student fee money collected would allow for all the SSAC representatives across the thirteen colleges to receive the same stipend of $300 per month for serving on SSAC. Additionally, the fee would allow for the System to hire a dedicated position (1.0 FTE) to support SSAC. This position’s duties could include, but need not be limited to day to day logistics, marketing, research, educating on SSAC and its initiatives System-wide, and recruiting future SSAC members. Any fee money kept in reserve may allow for SSAC to utilize the funds towards large scale student organizational events, affinity group events that would benefit all CCCS students.

The System Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, or their successor, will have administrative oversight and final decision-making authority over the use of the monies generated from this fee.

The student fee shall be for $1 per student, regardless of credits enrolled, per semester. This fee will continue indefinitely; however, there will be an evaluation every ten (10) years to ensure that SSAC is functioning as intended. This fee is subject to increase every three (3) years for inflation pursuant to the Denver-Boulder-Greeley Consumer Price Index (CPI).

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Here is a pros and cons list made by the council 



  • Stronger student organization to elevate the voice of community college students with policymakers and legislators at the state level.


  • Would support all schools in the community college system, especially rural colleges, to participate in the advocacy process.


  • Advocate for system policies that increase equity and inclusion on campuses.


  • Would fund leadership and conference attendance opportunities for students to grow professionally and the ability to get national speakers.


  • Would provide funds to hire a grant writer (on contract) to seek funds for campus-based affinity groups and other student initiatives.


  • Would provide students working at the state-level with funds they control to be used for student-centered initiatives and advocacy.


  • Would allow for immediate financial equity among SSAC student representatives (17 campuses). This allows for all colleges to have representation at the state level without financial hardship.




  • Students would be paying a fee to support student initiatives and leaders at other community college campuses.


  • This position will not report to any one college.


  • There is no guarantee that a college will receive a grant through the grant writer’s effort, they are targeted for statewide initiatives.


  • A portion of this budget is already funded through the CCCS offices and would be transferred on the students directly.


  • Institutions would not directly manage how the money is spent.


  • Could conflict with ongoing student fee initiatives on college campuses


  • Increases student cost and may not provide immediate benefits to campus students


  • If this fee proposal is not passed, then funds would continue to be diverted from individual campuses or other state-level initiatives to support SSAC.

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