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Nov 6

The opportunities I have to grow and the people around me

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  • Colors are super awesome! I'm verde glad that they exist. I am also thankful for textures and sounds! And smells! All of the senses! We wouldn't be able to exist without having at least one sense, as these are what allow us to interpret our surroundings and find food, water, and shelter, and to mate with our species to make more of our species! Even cells are able to communicate through sensing what compounds are entering their beings and the different things going on around and inside of them. It's all a method of communication! Yay senses! My favourite smell of all is when baby puppies are born, but all the others are in high contest! I guess my favourite color is orange, but I'm not really sure! SO many to choose from! As far as sounds go there is no telling, some sound are just so brilliant. Same goes with textures, but I like poking things that are kinda sticky but not super sticky. SO many senses! So much to experience! Think about what new sensations you experienced today! Yeehaw!
  • IM happy to be schizophrenic because I get to experience something not a lot of people get to experience. I think that's pretty cool.