Jo Carroll

Managing Editor, Writer, Reporter

(They, Them)

I enjoy a great many things, but mainly I like my three cats, two birds, one dog, one fiance, bad movies, extremely niche music, baking, hiking, camping, fishing, fashion, cars, and breaking news. 


Jennifer Biyinzika

Public Relations Manager, Writer,

& Reporter

Stuck between a love of variety and a constant war with boredom, I am - squirrel! - pursuing elementary education. My passion is to see kids become all they were created to be and to perfect the art of communication (including film and theater) to that end

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Nicholas Strus

Copy Editor, Writer

& Reporter

(He, Hommie, His)

I have so many wonderful things in my life. I have a lovely girlfriend, a sweet pupperoni, and a highly opinionated kitty. I play a few instruments, namely guitar and bass. I also have a keyboard and a couple of percussion instruments. I’m pretty particular, sometimes even snobby, about my music taste. I love cooking for people and writing poetry.

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Nick Hagan

Writer & Reporter

(He, Man, Dude)

I love poetry, politics, Pabst and punk rock. I love hunting and fishing and l sing to my dog all day long.

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Heading 2

Betty Abate

Writer & Reporter

(She, Her, Hers)

It’s hard to describe myself in two sentences, but I think my love for crime thrillers is enough. The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo is my bible. I’m also into documentaries and music.

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Jose Morales - Co-founder. 

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