Parker Koppes

Managing Editor, Writer

I am a cinematography and photography geek. Storm Chasing is my passion. I'm also an avid Broncos fan. 


Raven Symes

Editor, Writer, & Public Relations Manager

Writing is my structure, but my words are my fluidity.


Phillip Drake

Editor, Writer, & Social Media Manager

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Ryan Patterson

Sports Writer

Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan. I have watched The Office 27 times. My favorite movie is Tommy Boy.


Shout out to past contributors 

August Kreutz - photos & articles & Short Story Winner.       Jesse "Doc" Walter- article.      Leah Dory - Photos          

Mischa Ledder - articles & photos                                        Julie Trone - Article.                Shay McLaughlin - Article. 

Summer Cushman - Short Story Winner.                              Alyssa F. McCall - article & photo

Tommy Vogel - article.           Ryan Millard - poem.             Heidi Price - Article.              Zach England - Articles.       

Reiley Costa - photos             Amelia Cortez - poem.          Anna Dory - articles               Michael Rodgers - Article. 

Shout out to past editors

Jose Morales - Co-founder. 

Julia Ortiz - PR Editor & Co-founder.