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Am I Doing Enough?

By Nick Strus

Throughout most of my adult life, I haven’t known what to do with my life. There is a mélange of passions I subscribe to, sure. My work as a musician made me happy, but not when I tried to monetize it. It’s the same with other creative outlets of mine.

Today, my passions are a deeper connection to my innermost self and provide me with profound joy and fulfillment. Although, I still wasn’t certain what to make of a career until fairly recently.

Just like any other human on the planet, I’ve had my fair share of unfortunate, if not occasionally tragic, events happen in my life. Some by my own hands, some by others. Some are no one’s fault at all.

For 26 years, I was undiagnosed for multiple health conditions. And afterwards, a variety more that had surfaced. I’d been using my body to work for over a decade, holding my body in awkward and uncomfortable positions for hours at a time, and it was time for change. I felt worn-down to a nub, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Pictured: Peaceful Waterfall with Long Exposure. Image courtesy of

I started thinking about going to college again—washing my hands of the industries that had successfully weathered my body over time. I gave critical thought towards what I wanted to do. I anticipated for eons that, were I to return to school, it would be for a music or art major of some sort, perhaps a chef school. But what would I ultimately decide?

I sought to be a part of a movement that still has so much to offer people all over the world. I thought critically on my manageable yet painful health issues—brain and body. I ultimately boiled it all down and it came to me, a clear voice amidst the chatter. Neuroscience. It covers all the bases.

I am thrilled to say that, upon closing out spring semester, I’m set to begin summer classes and looking forward to doing some good, old-fashioned book learning.

My health concerns caused whirlwinds of chaos for me when I was younger. I can’t currently say that I’m free of these issues, but I can say that I’m getting the best treatment possible.

Those of whom that can relate are pulled together by something we all value.

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The common thread here is that we want better for ourselves. To feel better, to do better, to be better. In a nutshell, we are seekers of opportunities that align with our goals and perceived purpose. And sometimes, that just means giving oneself a moment to remember that everything will be okay.

Just take a minute to breathe!

Once, a friend shared an impactful sentiment with me, saying, “Don’t ask yourself, ‘Am I doing enough?’, but instead, ask yourself, ‘Am I doing my best?’”

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