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Balancing career, life, and well-being

By: Julie Trone; Chair of the Larimer Campus Wellness Committee

Juggling a career and life can leave us feeling overworked and under stress. Our response can lead us to ‘flight’ – part of the flight, fight or freeze response to stress. In this case, wanting to flee may evoke an urgency to quit work, school or other commitments regardless of the consequences. The ‘fight and freeze’ responses can also cause added stress in the workplace and home.

When we spend a third or more of our week working (including academic work) it is essential to understand how to manage stress for personal and professional success.

An important first step is to calm the nerves. Try this ‘mind-full’ mindfulness technique - Take a break from the stressful situation. Sit or walk slowly. Breathe in deeply – count to 5, hold – count to five (if comfortable), breathe out fully – count to 7. Continue for a minute or longer.

Feeling better already? Check out these ideas.

Lessen distractions and create your personal system of checks and balances.

- Create a daily to-do list; check off accomplishments

- Maintain a weekly calendar of social, work and school events

- Learn to say ‘no’ to activities that conflict with your well-being

- Check email only 1 to 3 times per day

Take care of you because if you don’t then who will?

- Make time for fun and relaxation

- Eat regularly and choose the healthy fare

- Get adequate sleep every night

- Limit social media to one hour per day

Protect your future.

- Beware! Using recreational drugs, tobacco products and alcohol may intensify stress or create dependency

- Know when you need to seek professional help

- Visit Career Services at FRCC to learn career strategies

You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life – Heather Schuck

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