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Black Student Alliance

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

At Front Range Community College we have an active and dedicated Black Student Alliance (BSA). Their mission is to create a community of students from all backgrounds that join together to discuss topics around race and black culture both here on campus and in Fort Collins. BSA is creating an environment where we can build friendship and affect change in our community and on campus-whether that is bringing awareness to lack of diversity on campus, standing together against racism on campus or hosting educational community event.

Such As…

- Black trivia on Feb 27th at 12:30- 1:30 in the East conference room in Longs Peak. Following the games there will be an open forum where anyone can share and start a community discussion. Jordan will be sharing his story; stop by!

- A basketball tournament starting the beginning of March and into April. Submission cost is $3 and all proceeds will go to future BSA events.

- Art and music cool down session during finals week. Come make art, listen to music, and make new friends (date to be announced).

- They participated in the MLK march

- Built a relationship with CSU to build a stronger community and promote BSA events and pave the way for black students to have better access and connection to resources and to feel welcome through the community BSA creates.

Organization President Jordan wants Front Range to know BSA’s purpose is to bring people together and to stand against racism and prejudice as an informed and connected community. Everyone is welcome and every voice can be heard; stop by any of the events and keep any eye out in the school paper and the informational boards around campus for anything new.


Email Club contact at

February is a month set aside to remember and reflect on Black history, that’s not to say it is the only time we chose to remember, but we consciously set aside time to ensure we don’t forget. Instead we continue to explore and learn about how black culture and black history have shaped our world.

Notable names to remember include:

Harriet Tubman – Underground Railroad “Conductor,” Civil Rights Activist

Frederick Douglass - escaped slave, activist, author, leader in the abolitionist movement.

Alice Ball – Chemist

Josephine Baker – Singer, Dancer, Civil Rights Activist

Martin Luther King, Jr. – Baptist Minister and Social Activist

Rosa Parks – Civil Rights Activist

Mary Jackson – Scientist, Mathematician, NASA’s First Black Female Engineer

Maya Angelou – Civil Rights Activist, Author, Poet

Joycelyn Elders – First African-American U.S. Surgeon General

Colin Powell – U.S. Secretary of State, Four-Star General (U.S. Army)

Clarence Thomas- Supreme Court Justice

Condoleezza Rice- Secretary of Sate

Barack Obama – U.S. President, U.S. Senator, Lawyer

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