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Dating In The Time Of COVID

By Nick Hagan and Raven Symes

The COVID pandemic has changed the world of dating. Today it’s a different kind of challenge. Not only do we have our regular standards, but we also have standards surrounding the virus.

It’s not a blind date, it’s a masked date. It’s not speed dating, it’s Zoom dating. It’s online dating-it’s dating online. As if navigating the minefield of modern dating wasn’t treacherous enough…

Despite further complications like— are they vaccinated? Do they wear masks over their nose? Are they taking this seriously? Perhaps a silver lining can be found in the fray.

There is something special about seeing your date’s face for the first time. Finding a connection during a difficult time is like finding the light in the dark.

A British study conducted by Dr. Ross Vanderwert at Cardiff University’s School of Psychology in February 2021 found both men and women were rated as better looking with faces half-covered, especially if they were wearing a blue medical face mask.

Because physical contact is just not possible, Zoom dates are safer than in-person dates. They also tend to facilitate conversation; it’s harder to zone out with your phone or other distractions while face-to-face on the screen. Pulling the plug (literally) is also easier if a date isn’t going well.

If a date isn’t going well, and you are in-person, COVID concerns are a legitimate excuse to skip the kiss, too.

Dating in the time of COVID might actually be cheaper. With so many date night options limited, couples are getting creative. Dog dates in the park, picnics at the lake, or hiking at Horsetooth; getting outside can be a great way to get to know someone, without the pressure of sitting down or the expense of going out.

If that all sounds old-fashioned, maybe it is. COVID has inadvertently ushered in a courtship revival. As our world turns faster with each iPhone introduction, maybe slowing things down is just what we need

We are forced to get to know the person first. Then question if you want to pursue and even risk a kiss. The implications surrounding dating is already nerve- racking, but add a deadly virus and it seems impossible.

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