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Does FRCC really need more parking?

By: August Kreutz

Photo: August Kreutz

The commute: For some it is the worst part of the day. For others, it may be the best. Imagine that you could turn a source of stress in your life into a stress reliever.

The Student Government Association recently met with the president of the Front Range system, Andrew Dorsey. The dead horse that is parking on campus was beaten yet again during the discussion.

Dorsey said there is enough parking, and stood by it. I silently agreed.

It may not seem like there is enough parking when precious minutes are spent anxiously peering over the steering wheel and creeping up and down the isles of cars in the lots immediately near the buildings on campus.

Most of the students who commute to Front Range arrive by car. The parking lots fill up quickly and stay full until late in the day. However, if a short walk can be accepted spots are consistently available in the overflow parking lots.

There’s also plenty of spaces available on the bike racks, which are closer to your destination than anywhere you can park your car. Plus, what is the cost of more bike racks relative to a parking garage?

How great would it be if Front Range had to set aside money for MORE bike racks? That’s called positive energy. Dust off that old Schwinn in the garage, pump up the tires, and get your legs moving. You probably won’t regret it.

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