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FRCC Reporter Changes Staff

A Letter From the Paper

By Jo Carroll

Pictured: Front Range Community College and Reporter Office

With summer right around the corner, much change is happening across the City of Fort Collins. One of these changes involves the rotation of staff for The Reporter. With new writers, editors, and PR representatives, the newsroom has already begun to change.

With this new staff, our hopes are to shape the paper into a pillar of our local community. Already, work has begun, with our staff members meeting potential school administrators, meeting with members of city council, and working together on a vision for the future.

Our goal for the paper is to make it a community hub for information. From a cooking recipe, to college news and information, to local elections and events, we aim to bring high-quality information to our community.

The new staff includes a diverse group of individuals all coming from vastly different backgrounds and career paths.

As we press forward in our publications, new issues will be posted to our website every other Sunday. Our website will continue to change to make the experience user friendly as well.

Most importantly, we will continue to serve our school and our community with dedication to delivering accurate, unbiased, and breaking information.

As a newspaper, we look forward to the future and cannot wait to become a part of your daily news intake.

  • The FRCC Reporter Team

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