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FRCC Sticks With Differing Spring Breaks on Separate Campuses

By Eric Haabestad

Pictured: Spring Break Written in Sand

After polling students and faculty about changing to a spring break to match sister FRCC campuses, President Andy Dorsey said the current system will remain in place.

Larimer Campus takes its spring break a week before the other campuses in Boulder, Westminster and Brighton.

With the college-wide innovation of real-time remote classes as a result to COVID-19, some who wanted to change to a system-wide spring break cited confusion around how it will be coordinated between campuses.

Pictured: Jean Runyon Credit of FRCC

In a recent press conference with student journalists, campus Vice President Jean Runyon said there are conversations about changing spring break and what it would look like, “We’re not there yet, but we recognize too that for some students there was no spring break.”

She said the college recognizes the issue that comes with allowing each individual teacher to choose when a remote class holds spring break.

In the case of remote classes, that forces some students to not have a spring break at all as their classes get held when they are supposed to be out of class.

Opponents said changing spring break would separate Larimer campus from the local Poudre school district and CSU spring breaks.

Proponents for a change cited the benefit of a synchronized spring break with the rest of the college, making sure students always get the break they are due.

On other topics, Runyon spoke on remote classes going forward, saying, “Real time remote courses are here to stay. It’s allowing us to even rethink how we communicate with the public.”

She said the college will continue to adopt remote classes more fully into the ecosystem of our class structure. She said this class style will enable students to take more niche classes across campus lines, but also bring new challenges for staff to overcome.

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