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Fruitful Vendors: Visiting the Fort Collins Farmers Market

By Betty Abate

Pictured: The Fort Collins Farmers Market. Image Credit to Betty Abate

Fall is here, and the harvest season is coming to a close. With November fast approaching, the Fort Collins Farmers Market continues to set up shop.

On a gloomy Wednesday morning, some of Northern Colorado’s vendors were interviewed and gave comments on what the fair is like

Adrian, who works at the farmers market here in Fort Collins, said he likes this location because it’s homey.

“I get to see and meet new people. More like a social experiment type of thing. I’m an introvert so it helps me get out there.”

Miller Farms is a family operated business who have been vending at FCMM since it was created in 1984.

Chris, the current owner of the farm, said, “It’s always family oriented,” when talking about the market. His favorite part about coming to this specific location is the customers.

Eden Valley Farm, who drove from Loveland, Colorado to participate, said, “The people are really supportive.”

Isaac runs the stand on Sunday and Wednesday. When asked whether it was difficult being at a market with another big farm, Issac responded, “It can almost bring you more business, you can kind of complement each other,” he answers.

After talking for a little bit, a customer came up to him asking what kind of tomato was the one she was pointing at. He educated her and noted the differences between the bright red tomatoes abundantly placed in green crates.

The Farmer’s Market can be educational, fun, and delicious but only if you give it a chance. So, come on down to the Fort Collins Farmers Market before they close in mid-November. They are located just off Harmony and Lemay and are open from 10am to 2pm on Sundays.

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