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Get Involved by Getting Outside with the FRCC Outdoors Club

By Abby Miller

With the total number of students enrolled at Front Range Community College (FRCC)’s Larimer Campus nearing 10,000, the demand for campus-sponsored activities and organizations is ever-growing.

One group that has been meeting such demand is the FRCC Outdoors Club, a chapter of the Society of American Foresters (SAF).

Pictured: FRCC Outdoors & Veterans Club Members 2022 Image Credit: FRCC Outdoors Club & Nick Hagan

Current club officer Nick Hagan says the club seeks to provide “outdoor opportunities in a safe, supportive, and educational environment” for FRCC students.

Hagan initially joined the club after the COVID -19 pandemic shut down and has since worked to re-establish it as the official FRCC Club that it is now.

Hiking, rock climbing, and hunting demos are just a few examples of the types of outings that the club organizes.

One of Hagan’s favorite memories of the club was when “last year, the club challenged FRCC Veterans Club to a game of kickball.”

Most recently, a group of the club’s members squared up against the Veterans Club once again for a game of flag football at City Park.

According to Hagan, the club organizes activities “at least once monthly, but we try to host bi-weekly events.” “We also try to stagger event times and dates so that students have a chance to attend if they have scheduling conflicts,” says Hagan. For example, “events are not only on Saturday mornings, Tuesday nights, etc.” he adds.

To students looking to join the club, Hagan says "Join! There is no commitment—just show up to the events and have fun!”

There are no regularly scheduled meetings, but Hagan says that “the club officially hosts two meetings [throughout] a semester.” “But,” he adds “usually meetings are rolled into events like hikes unless there are special circumstances which need attention.”

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