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Harmonic Lights

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

By Heidi Price

Imagine being surrounded by far infrared, near infrared, and blue light. Its rays and warmth affecting you on so many levels, most notably on a cellular level. Our bodies crave photons which are particles representing a quantum of light. They work by restoring balance to our system.

We spend so much of our time under fluorescent lighting in the classroom or at work, and don't get enough of the vital light that our bodies desperately need in order to function at an optimal rate.

Clinical studies have shown that light systems can increase: energy, stimulate collagen, ATP and nitric oxide. It has been shown to reduce pain, inflammation, and lessen some of the effects of stress. Harmonic LED lights produce specific and supportive frequencies throughout the body.

Recently, the FDA cleared certain light systems to increase circulation and provide general temporary relief of pain. Some of these uses include: Muscle/joint stiffness, tendonitis, muscle spasms, sports injuries, neuropathy. A session typically lasts between 20 and 40 minutes.

I have been using harmonic lights for almost two years.

I have noticed a substantial increase in my energy levels and cognitive abilities. My pain levels have reduced significantly. I have suffered from severe anxiety and have noticed a substantial decrease in episodes. LED harmonic lights help to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. I have been using harmonic lights on my animals, with great success.

I have two senior cats who are beginning to show signs of arthritis.

Photo by Heidi Price
All animals welcome.

After using the lights on them, both are now moving around with greater ease than before. I also have two red heeler's (pictured). One of them has never had proper use of her right hind leg. Through x-rays and multiple veterinary visits, no cause could be found. She has shown significant improvement in her ability to move since I began using the lights on her. All of my animals love their time under the lights.

My greatest joy in life is being able to improve the quality of life in animals as well as human beings. In our busy lives, we often neglect to take care of ourselves. Meditation is suggested as a wonderful modality to center one's self. A light session is equivalent to the benefits of meditation. It is good for the mind, body, and spirit. My goal is to enlighten the world one person or one animal at a time to the amazing benefits of harmonic lights.

Heidi Price, CMP

Heart & Soul K9 Massage, LLC.

Certified Canine Massage Provider

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