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Hey Hey Spring Breakers!

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Struggling to figure out how to spend your spring break? Here’s a few ideas to get you started on an amazing break.

Try hiking or sightseeing. Colorado is a great place to explore, filled with beautiful days and places. The Horsetooth Reservoir and Rocky Mountain National Park are great places to start. The Horsetooth Falls and Rock trail is a loop trail of moderate difficulty and is only about 5 miles long. It is a great place to start. has a bunch of information on all sorts of trails. You can even find some awesome paths where ever you go.

Not your scene? How about another type of exploration? Try visiting a new clothing store, restaurant, or boutique. Fort Collins, Denver and Colorado Springs have pretty awesome downtowns with a variety of options for anything you want to look into. If you haven't had a chance to visit the Downtown Square in Fort Collins, now is the perfect opportunity to see all it has to offer. My favorite shops are White Balcony, Curiosities, and Ku Cha House. Ku Cha has the best boba tea in my opinion. Denver has the 16th street mall. That's right, an entire street dedicated to shopping and having fun. They have free buses too that go up and down the street so you can get from one side to the other in mere minutes. Plus, you can find just about any type of business and service you can think of. Clothes, food, and travel. Not to mention there is almost always some form of street performer.

If you're more of an indoor person, try reading a book, or trying a new recipe. These are great and fulfilling activities to fill a lot of spare time. I suggest reading some more classic books that you may not otherwise have interest. Try a new and adventurous recipe with something you wouldn’t normally eat. Making something from scratch always seems more enticing than buying it. I don't know about you, but I'll definitely be checking off some books on my list. Written by one of my favorite authors, Leigh Bardugo is the new release King of Scars. Its part a very big world and very long series so brace yourself for a new obsession. Any recipe will work but one might be a sweet or beverage. I recently saw a recipe for Honey Lemon tea. Its suppose to be the perfect balance of sweet and sour. I also have been in a dire need to make snicker doodles. Cookies tend to be pretty fast and easy to make and always super fun. A quick google is always a good start for your next tasty adventure.

If these aren't your cup of tea, hang out with friends. Grab a board game and play for hours, watch a movie, or go out and enjoy the day. None of these strike a cord? Spend your break sleeping and binge watching new shows.

Enjoy your break, no matter how you spend it!

Until Next Time!

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