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Local 3D printing business combats COVID-19

By Anna Dory

The door closes, the workday is done, everyone heads on home. Under the blue light of security cameras, fifteen Wuxn M1 3D printers work through the night, shuffling back and forth laying down layer after layer of filament. By morning there will be 20 visors ready to be shipped out to a local hospital by the next evening 200 more. Wuxn LLC is like the IKEA for 3D printers. Two Fort Collins raised high school buddies in their late 20sstarted Wuxn LLC in a garage two years ago. They are designing, printing, and selling 3D printers & accessories. Isaac Fardig, CEO of Wuxn, reflects, "When we started Wuxn, it was nerdy, and we're nerdy, it was fun. Then when COVID-19 hit we thought, wait a second we could help."

Hospitals around the country have a shortage of PPE gear, and Colorado is no different. Wuxn founders William Dory and Isaac Fardig, along with James Fambrough and owner of a Wuxn M1, custom-designed and printed PPE gear that they donate to local hospitals to combat this shortage. "We want to do our part to keep the people on the front lines of this pandemic safe." – Isaac Fardig, CEO. Wuxn can print about 200 visors a day and are working on expanding that number. Macke hospital, one of the first hospitals they donated to, is thankful for the visors and impressed by the quality of the design. They have since asked for more to be printed.

Wuxn has also designed an air respirator mask that can be paired with their visor. Both their visor and mask designs are being made into a mold. This mold will be used to produce 10,000 visors, and those 10,000 will be distributed around the nation.

If you would like to reach out to Wuxn email them at

Or visit website link

Or check out their social media


Or call them Public Resources - (970) 775-3512

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