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Longs Peak Student Center (LPSC)

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

You will find the following services/amenities in this building

Student Organization Suit

In here you will find:

Phi Theta Kappa - The honors society, see insert link here for more info

The Reporter, our school newspaper that you are on currently 😊

Student Government Association (SGA). – advocate for and represent the student body

All clubs a place to meet and store stuff.

Go say hello to them and learn about how you can get involved, we have lots of clubs! And you can start one!

Student Life Suit

The following is what you can do/get in the SLS

Student ID ($5) + other ID’s (medical)

Discounted Bus pass

Want to join a club?

Want to start a club?

Want to hang up posters go here

Want put on an event on campus go here

Good place to go for any questions you have about campus life


Hungry? Find food here. Need coffee, its 1 of 2 places on campus where you can get some! Plus bring your own mug and you get a discount and help reduce your environmental foot print.

Book store

This is where you can

Buy/rent your textbooks

Get school supplies

Buy other miscellaneous items (headphone, FRCC swag, bamboo plants, kombucha, ice cream

Specials on Wednesdays

Bonus: can recycle batteries in here :)

General open study area

An open are with table and a laptop lab to study, meet with people and eat food. Usually a very active place with lots of students working hard! Also check out the fireplace 😊

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