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Mount Antero (MA)

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Within this building you will find:

The Mount Antero Welcome Center:

This is where you can schedule appointments with a:

Pre-advisor to make sure your ducks are all in line before seeing a pathways advisor

Personal Counseling as a student you have access to six free counseling sessions with a licensed therapist.

Pathways advisor (recommended at least 2x/ year) to make sure you are on the right track with your classes for graduation/transfer.

Career counselor- if you don’t know what you want to study or want to explore and learn more about different careers these counselors can help you.

Single parent program assistance- offer help and support to single parents.

Click this link to learn more about how FRCC can help you pay for childcare:

They also offer just general direction help, you can always ask them where to go if you don’t know.

For non-students: They offer as a good starting point to come in and ask questions. They can help with application assistance to FRCC.

Financial aid/ Registrar’s office

This is where you can receive the following help with

Financial aid advising

Scholarship assistance

Transcripts (also get through e-wolf)

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application help (drop-in hours and by appointment) – make sure to be checking email after you file.

Late add/drop classes

Cashiers office

This is where you can

Pay bills, if you don’t online

Get refunds

Academic Support Center

In here you will find:

Writing center- You can get help with your essays and any other writing for any and all classes here. This service is offered both in-person and online.

Computer lab- open computers available for use

Math help- have tutors available to help you with both developmental courses and transfer courses.

Science help- have tutors to help with science courses

Quite study- Have tables and couches you are welcome to sit and study.

Private tutors- Each student in give the opportunity to have a private tutor for up to 1hr/week for up to 2 classes. (see front desk for an appointment)

Disabilities support services- Counselors in here help with any physical or mental disabilities. If you had a 504/IEP in high school meet with them to learn how that transfers to college. Need extended time on tests, talk to these counselors. (Make appointment at the front desk)

Veteran Support Services- Counselors to help you with figure out your military benefits (ie Gi Bill) and general support overall in assisting veterans.

Make sure to check in when you go in and talk to people, its all about community 😊

Campus Security and Preparedness

This is your campus security, they are the people that work to protect and keep our campus safe for all. They offer the following amenities for student:

Lost and Found

Loan out bike locks

Loan out calculators

Jump your car if it dies

Safety escorts to and from classes.

Hold FRCC crime reports

Generally, really nice people, say hello to them when you see them walking around campus.

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