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National Poetry Month

Happy National Poetry Month! Here are a few poems from our Writer, PR leader, and copywriter, Raven Symes.

Feeling Blue

By Raven Symes

Stale wind breezes by with hints of indigo

Yet tepid sweat rests upon my face

I’m structured to grow

Sent away to be replaced

Obscene shackles left to be unchained

Nod your head to the unexplained

I don’t belong in the dark

But here I am

Rise to become monarch

Grown to give too much of a damn

Begging to rest

I need to get this off my chest

Tiptoe through hell

Burning up from the cold

Nothing to tell

Do what you’re told

Too tame to control

Bleach my soul

My breath breaks off my tongue

I’m swimming in sapphires

Rightly unsung

Fueling flash fires

I strip this place of my name

After all, it’s just the same

Visceral Destruction

By Raven Symes

Racing through the air

Twisted in mid-reality

Vividly unseen

Now caught in your snare

Drastically me

Blood slicks the machine

Rich as protein

Fingers grip the floor

Deliberating in hate

All is heard is a roar

Knuckles on a cheese grate

My eyes are rolling

Wickedly sweet dreams

Breath is showing

Exploding from the seams

I’m abstract

Certainly unclear

Crippled with stabbing dread

More than something I lack

Heavier than a bitten off ear

I am the disturbed in your head

Beg to lay further in your bed

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