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New Building?

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

By Anna Dory

The door swings open. Four emergency responders rush inside to find 75-year-old Jane Doe unconscious on the floor of her apartment.

Within seconds her vitals are assessed and they have begun to resuscitate her.

If all goes well, these student EMTs can expect an A on their “Real-Life Simulations” assignment in this Front Range Community College course.

That’s right: FRCC will have a real-world simulation room. This is one of many additions to the campus as a result of the construction of the Health Care Career Center.

This new facility will provide expansion opportunities for the nursing, dental, and massage programs. A few classes will be hosted in the building by next fall, and students can expect a fully functional building by June of 2020.

Features in the new building:

- Real-world simulation rooms

- Nutrition and health kitchens

- Nursing skills labs

- Dental lab and suites

- An atrium to accommodate guest speakers

- More classrooms and office space

- More study space

Features outside:

- Local art installations (TBA)

- Pollination gardens

- Outdoor seating

- Outdoor classroom

The new building will accommodate FRCCs first four-year bachelor’s degree program -- the registered nurse through the bachelor's of science in nursing (RN- BSN) completion program. Spaces are limited. Click here for more information.

“These changes will lead to the expansion of FRCC’s integrative health programs,” said campus Vice President Jean Runyon.

The integrative health programs offer limited and discounted massage and dental clinic work to FRCC students. The new health care building will provide designated space for these programs to grow and serve the community. For more information about the Integrative Health Program, email For more information about the limited dental services provided on our campus, call (970) 204-8205.

Expect renovations in Blanca Peak and various places around campus, said Runyon. Information is pending she said, but a possible expansion in the computer programming program as well as expansion within the small business and corporate solutions programs are possible.

Runyon explained the city has assessed parking availability and concluded that FRCC’s parking capacity will be able to accommodate the growing volume of students.

The total cost of the building was $33.5 million. The state appropriated $25.1 million and Front Range budgeted $3.9 million. The remaining $4.5 million will be from community support, such as donations and scholarships, said Runyon.

View of the building from the front door

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