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On Your Mark, Get Set, Vote!

By Betty Abate

Are you ready to vote? If not, that's okay! There's one week left until midterm elections and I decided to roam the campus of Front Range and hear what students had to say about it.

We asked a Front Range student what her biggest concerns are for this term. She brought up proposition 124 which would allow retail liquor stores to increase their number of locations.

“If they provide more liquor licenses for everywhere else, that’s gonna take away from small businesses.”

Pictured: Vote stickers on a black background that says voting day. Photo credit: Element 5 Digital

She stated that she wouldn’t vote for it in fear that the smaller liquor stores would run out of business with their inability to compete.

Her friend stated that she was really interested in proposition 122 which would allow the state regulated access to psychedelic mushrooms.

She talked about how her friend was arrested for carrying psilocybin and the proposition states that it would decriminalize possession.

“His whole career was stopped because he was charged with possession and he would be able to file for that to be taken off with this (proposition).”

We asked the same question to another student later who wants to vote in this election, but is new in town.

“I don’t think that I know enough about what's going on locally to be concerned,” she said, “I’m still acclimatizing to the new area and learning about what the local concerns are”.

Later, we asked a faculty member what issues are brought up more frequently. She responded with proposition 125 which would allow grocery stores to sell wine along with liquor.

She said that people would gather outside her grocery store and discuss the impending decision, and she refrained from giving her resolution on the matter.

Everyone I talked to said they would be voting in this election, and there are many ways to do so.

For instance, if you have your mailed ballot, you can fill that out and drop that off at any ballot drop off location.

Front Range has a drop off ballot right outside the Harmony library and will also be holding in-person voting at the Long Peak Student Center on November 7th and 8th.

For more information on drop off ballots and in person voting, visit the election page on and remember to exercise your right to vote!

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