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Oops, you may not know this but we are a smoke-free campus.

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

By: Julie Trone

You may have noticed signs posted in every building saying ‘Ooops, you may not know this but…’. For those of you who smoke or vape, these signs are to remind you that the Larimer campus no longer allows smoking or vaping on campus.

So, what does that mean? Can you smoke in your car when you enter the campus? Can you vape in the parking lot?

According to former Governor Hickenlooper’s proclamation smoking and vaping are prohibited on all government property. All FRCC campuses are government property. On Larimer campus, the last of the three FRCC campuses to become smoke and vape free, this extends through the parking lots and the natural areas on the east and south sides of campus property.

What are your options? Find an acceptable place to smoke or vape. Sidewalks adjacent to Harmony and Shields roads are public spaces where smoking and vaping are allowed. It is not recommended to enter adjacent neighborhoods since residents may become angry or fearful which can escalate into a problem for those who smoke or vape in these areas.

On-campus there is a growing culture of wellness and health consciousness. Smokers and vapers who are considering quitting can find cessation resources on campus. Visit the student life office or the counseling office for free resources or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW for free cessation assistance from the Colorado Quitline.

Wherever you are in your journey of wellness know that there are supportive people and resources on campus to help. All you need to do is ask.

Want to learn more about the proclamation? Read Anna Dory’s article ‘Why are we a smoke-free campus?

Colorado Quitline link:

Anna’s article link:

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