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President Dr. Colleen Simpson – from NYC to FRCC

Updated: May 30

By Joey Carrillo

Pictured: Dr. Colleen Simpson Image Credit: Front Range Community College
Pictured: Dr. Colleen Simpson. Image Credit: Front Range Community College.

New FRCC President Colleen Simpson said that life in New York City impacts how she views

the college’s future.

In a press conference with FRCC student journalist, she said her primary goals include

improving inclusivity at FRCC, encouraging students to become engaged in academic programs,

and building connections between staff and students.

All walks of life traverse the concrete streets of the Big Apple, seeking ways to stand out in an

immense community. Simpson said she wants that kind of energy at FRCC.

Growing up, she said she was a shy, reserved girl who sought education by any means necessary.

New York City – a melting pot for opportunity and diversity – served as the template for her

educational philosophy.

For President Simpson, her first major step was attending college at the age of 16 at Baruch


She said her parents tried to keep her from going to a university at such an early age. But she was

undeterred by their demands. She said that she would do anything she could to stay out past midnight.

Simpson said the best way to extend campus time was engaging in campus organizations at

Baruch, an institution with 17,000 students.

She got involved in student government, with meetings after six p.m., which met the

requirements for her late-night engagement.

Excitement for late-night meetings quickly turned into a love for serving at a community college.

In her four years at Baruch, she was an active member of student government.

She climbed the academic ladder by volunteering in student academic programs. She said that she found her voice by being a member of the student body.

As FRCC president, Simpson said she hopes to translate the diverse opportunities of New York

City to experiences on all three campuses.

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