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Student Life Embraces Change Amid New Leadership

By Betty Abate

Pictured: Student Life Office Credit: Betty Abate

Four full-time student-life employees have resigned their positions. Other members are being transported to different departments at the start of the 2023 Spring semester.

Timothy Mellon is now the student-life director and is in charge of the department on all three campuses for the meantime.

Leadership is in the midst of onboarding new student-life administration and student organizations are powering through.

The Reporter reached out to several student organizations across campus to get their take on having new leadership.

The President of the Student Government Association, Miguel Arcadia, stated that he was grateful for the opportunity to learn under Mary Branton-Housley and Kendyl Kelly, the former director and assistant director for student life.

“I absolutely love Mary and Kendyl. (Mary) was never holding our hand and just doing everything for us,” he said.

Jackie, the Secretary and Treasurer for SGA, said, "I don't really see us getting neglected." This was in response to Timothy Mellon overseeing student-life on all three campuses.

Pictured: Student Life Office Credit: Betty Abate

During a SGA meeting on January 25th, Timothy Mellon stated, “the one-college move is for sure happening,” in reference to SGA becoming one body across all three campuses.

Mellon assured SGA that there is no current directive to combine all three SGAs. The president, Dr. Colleen Simpson has made it clear she wants the combination.

Other organizations have stated that they are excited to work with their new advisor.

The Student Veterinary Technician Association Co-President, Megan Lindsay, stated that meeting new people could help them grow. She also believes it could be beneficial for future endeavors.

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