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Student Pay Increases After Student Addresses FRCC Admin

Updated: May 30

By Betty Abate

Joe Heimer, a student employee at Westminster, expected a pay raise at the start of 2023. What he didn’t expect was the raise only being $0.09.

Confused, Heimer emailed FRCC’s administration on Jan. 13th, with concerns entailing this raise after the State of Colorado raised minimum wage $1.09.

FRCC responded with an email to all students on Feb. 9th, 2023, declaring the increase of hourly pay for all student employees from $13.09 to $16.

The increase will show on the March 24th pay stub.

Pictured: Joe Heimer. Image Credits: FRCC.
Pictured: Joe Heimer. Image Credits: FRCC.

His email listed the percentage increase of food, energy, and rent in the Denver Metro Area which has steadily increased.

Heimer said that he had no impression on whether the school would help, he said that they were technically abiding by state laws.

“Why would they only give us the minimum that they could? It did not make sense and I sought answers.”

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