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Student Wellness

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

The pace of a student is dynamically moving from parking lot to classroom, library to student center, back and forth again and again. This is the ebb and flow of life while pursuing academic goals.

At FRCC we want our students to grow, learn and create a life that is balanced with activities that include personal health and wellness. To make it easier and more convenient for students to create a balanced life our campus community offers events, classes, clubs and activities that focus on personal growth, health, fitness, stress management, socializing and having fun.

Curious? Check out what’s happening at FRCC Larimer;


- Pergola Pause: A short energy balancing, stress reduction practice to clear the head and calm the mind.

Tuesdays at 3:10 pm and Thursday at 11:10 am but is subject to change.They meet on good weather days at the pergola next to Little Bear Peak. On cold or bad weather days they meet in Longs Peak Student Center and use the former fitness center. Look for advertising on one of the sandwich boards outside of Longs Peak.

Every semester:

- Lunchtime Yoga: One week at the start of each semester drop in to the Harmony Library Community Room to participate in a free thirty minute class held Monday through Friday usually beginning at noon. Lunchtime yoga will be posted on bulletin boards two weeks prior and will be featured in the Stall Street News.

- Holistic Wellness Day: Browse in the holistic products boutique, schedule a chair massage, learn mindfulness and pick up information on other related wellness events on campus. Held in the student center. May 1st from 10-2 PM.


- What Matter’s to Me (our version of a Ted talk; held monthly in Mount Antero, look at community board for days and times.

- Continuing Education courses (diverse topics at an affordable cost)

- Health and Prevention topics presented by the Student Nurses Association.

- Take a hike on the one mile hiking path. Maps for a mile and 1/2 mile hike on campus property can be found in the student life office.

- Check out a frisbee, yoga mat or hand weights at the Harmony Library to use in-between classes.

- Student organizations on campus.

Coming soon:

- Cessation resources to quit smoking or vaping

- Ready to find out more? Check out these FRCC Links:

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- Campus Student life

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