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Tips to Pass, Not Crash, Your Finals

By Jo Carroll

Pictured: Academic Support Center Mt Antero Building Credit of FRCC

Finals are like The Fast and Furious franchise—they are fast approaching and most of us have had enough. In efforts to avoid a crash and burn situation, here are the “rules of the road” when it comes to studying:

In order to stay motivated, try and find a group of peers to study with. Having people who can break up studying and assist you in reviewing concepts is always a big help.

When you might be feeling overwhelmed, scream loudly into the nearest pillow. Make sure the seal is tight so your neighbors don’t worry.

If you need professional help, visit the on-campus and online math and writing help centers. These resources can be found on your D2L splash page under “FRCC Resources” or in the Mount Antero Building.

Pictured: Iced Coffee

If you need an extended break then visit your favorite local coffee shop. Sure, your beverage might be $7, but can you really put a price on happiness?

Remember when studying to pull out your old tests and study guides. Wisdom lies in historic texts, and what better to help than past materials?

When it gets overwhelming, you can call your mom and shed a tear. However, be prepared for the longest hour of your life.

Remember to drink plenty of water and keep those snack breaks frequent. Maybe even add on your favorite dessert as a small treat.

In the event that you need a longer break, try stepping outside and getting some sun. After all, humans are just like house plants who need sun and water. They also seem to do better when people say nice things to them.

When you are feeling particularly in over your head, email your professors. They are a click away and more than happy to help their students succeed.

At the end of the day, people go to college in order to learn more and pave a brighter future. Regardless of how you do on your finals, you can confidently say that you know more than when you started the semester.

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