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Tis The Season

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

By: Anna Dory

The intent of Thanksgiving is to bring together our nation, our communities, and family or friends to give thanks for the year so far. We recount and cherish all the things we have to be thankful for. Unfortunately, there is this looming stench around this season that keeps us from truly embracing its purpose, and I’m not talking about fruit cake. A day we dedicate towards giving humble thanks is followed the next day by its anti-thesis Black Friday. This day is the kick start to the month of stressful holiday shopping season. If you ask me it’s all an Illuminati scheme to keep us addicted to material objects, and make us feel obligated to spend money. In all seriousness, since 2006, 10 people have been killed and 111 injured on Black Friday from trampling, flights, shooting, stabling all related to the frenzy around buying up inexpensive material objects. Many businesses such as REI have decided not to participate in this ironic post-holiday sale and instead advocate for other activities. Such as REI famous #gooutside campaign, all the stores close their doors and advocate for all its employees and customers to spend the day outside with family and friends. Let’s follow this anti- Black Friday tread and change the way we holiday. In this season of giving thanks lets skip the anxious lines and frantically running about to grab the best deals. Instead try some of our suggested activities below, Happy Holidays everyone.

-Be outside- You might say it’s too cold but it’s never too cold if you dress right. I suggest hiking coyote ridge or devils back bone, they are more of a stroll then a hike. Perfect to facilitate needed digestion from the day before.

-Board game- What are those again? Just kidding, play some classic games with the family and friends who are still in town. My personal favorite is Clue, get your inner detective on.

-Shows and Movies - Binge all those new Netflix shows that you haven’t had time to watch. I suggest watching some Monty Pythons flying circus if you are up for some classic British humor.

-Volunteer- Around this season, shelters could use some folks ready to spread holiday cheer.

-Letters- Write a friend or family member a heartfelt letter. What a good unexpected treat!

-Fall cleaning- De-clutter your closet. Organize the spice cabinet and clean out the junk drawer. Reorganize or redecorate your room. Nothing like cleaning to help one feel refreshed and ready for winter.

-Christmas décor- Pull out some Christmas decorations and start mapping out your décor!

-Books - Read that book you been nagging your self to read.

-Art project- Draw, color, write. Go on pinterest and find the cutest DIY. Not all of them take an arm and a leg.

-Start a journal- Write one page every day till next Black Friday then reflect on how you have grown.

-Financial planning- Take some time to start organizing that budget everyone says will be so helpful. Especially with Christmas coming up.

-Plan out Christmas presents- Get an idea of what you might need to save or, even better, make (homemade candles are awesome gifts) in order to have everything ready for the holidays.

Our source for the black Friday death count

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