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What to do for Women's History Month

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

It's National Women's History month--how should we make this month different? Shouldn't we always recognize women's achievements? Why do we have a random month designated to women?

Yes, we should always recognize the achievements of women, but by setting aside specific time for reflection, we allow ourselves to contemplate women's impact more deeply. We don't always have time to think about Harriet Tubman or Amelia Earhart. For the month of March, we can intentionally set aside a moment to be thankful and thoughtful towards not only other women, historical or famous women, but women here in our community. Like that one that just walked by with the cool hair. Lean over and tell her that

"Yo, your hair is cool, also Happy National Women's Month"

Do what you can when you can. Here are some ideas:

1) Look up influential women of the past and learn a new name like Elisabeth Blackwell-- the first women to receive a medical degree in the USA. What a boss, am I right? Or learn something new about women you already know. Amelia Earhart, sure she was the first women to fly over the Atlantic, but did you know she also created her own line of flying clothes that were featured in Vogue Magazine. She didn't just fly planes she looked good doing it.

2) Reach out to a women in your community that you admire and thank them for being so awesome. Maybe it's your mom, grandma, sister or maybe an instructor on campus or a woman you know in the community who is changing lives.

3) Take a yoga class or boxing class and remind yourself you are strong.

4) Try something new! Go to that weird poke place everyone is talking about, switch up your coffee order, or try one of those wine and painting classes.

5) Look into your ancestors and see what women you hail from.

6) Educate yourself on feminism, and watch a documentary about it and influential women, or just the women's movement in general.

7) Treat yo self! Get a new outfit that makes you feel beautiful, try a new face mask, take yourself out to sushi, have a spa day with your friends.

8) Watch out for you, try and take a drink of water every time you pass a water fountain, or buy one of those cool hydro flasks, water seems to be the cure for everything these days.

9) Check out Maya Angelou's poem "Still I Rise" and then remind yourself you can do anything! Well, you can't shape shift or read minds, but you know what I mean.

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